Stylish cycling

I recently competed in the Wellington chapter of Frocks on Bikes “Cycle Chic in the Street” competition.

Believe it or not, I won 3rd place is the “Super Chic” category.

Here is a dark fuzzy photo of me looking super chic with the other contestants.

And another one of me posing with my bike and my prize (a bunch of fabulous Antipodes products!)

While I was there I got to speaking with a lovely lady who designs and makes bicycle clothing and accessories for ladies.  It’s called “Cyclette” and her stuff is so fucking rad!

It’s described as “Sexy girls’ cycle wear for on and off your bike. All designs feature high visibility reflective details. Mobile phone pockets that work as you roll. Practical styles to allow you ultimate mobility.”

She was wearing this totally awesome cape:


There are also bodysuits (‽) and tons of other awesome stuff.

She is now living in Wellington and trying to get her business going here.  I had a chance to examine the lovely cape the designer was wearing, and it was so well made and neatly finished I felt like the laziest seamstress in the world.

I also love this handlebar bag:

So, check out her website and all her awesome cycling accessories and buy some.

Knit your own spats?!

I just saw this gorgeous book:

The book is full of amazing olde-timey patterns like these sweet spats:

I want to make them!!

I’ve been secretly desiring a pair of spats for ages and almost bought some in Montreal in August, except they were polyester and cheap looking.  Now, a pattern so I can knit my own!  Hooray!

How cool are spats?

Here are some images for inspiration:

I know it might seem like a bit too much and borderline goth/steampunk, but I think it’s a reasonably wearable look.  However, I am lucky to work in an environment that is pretty flexible as far as what is considered appropriate dress.

That being said I have been a big fan of 19th century saloon-girl style since watching Deadwood… I’ve always dreamed of having the time and patience to buy this Laughing Moon saloon girl pattern and make it:

I find something appealing about the idea of wearing a bustle! However, that being said, I am so happy to live in a Western country in the 21st century when women are basically free to wear whatever they like.  Having to wear a corset, ankle length skirts and high collared tops everyday would not have been comfortable.

cycling is sexy

Of course, you probably already know this.  I regularly bike around town in skirts and heels, my vintage riding hat protecting my head from traumatic injury.  I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those high visibility fluorescent yellow monstrosities that cyclists in New Zealand tend to live in, or the head-to-toe lyrcra get up.  Come on, is it really necessary?  Especially those people in $500 worth of specialized gear, to go to or from the office.

Seriously, it’s not the Tour De France.  You’re on a bicycle.  We know you’re a cyclist.

I favour my mustard  yellow Cambridge Satchel for visibility, and a red rear-end flasher for my own safety, which is of course important, but you don’t have to look like a fool riding around town to be safe.

Cyclists are sexy, as this model from Frock’s On Bikes Wheel Stylish fashion show proved yesterday:

In addition being sexy while cycling in a cute frock, I also got to hang out with Wellington’s newly elected green party mayor – Celia Wade-Brown.  Photographic proof coming soon!