Knit your own spats?!

I just saw this gorgeous book:

The book is full of amazing olde-timey patterns like these sweet spats:

I want to make them!!

I’ve been secretly desiring a pair of spats for ages and almost bought some in Montreal in August, except they were polyester and cheap looking.  Now, a pattern so I can knit my own!  Hooray!

How cool are spats?

Here are some images for inspiration:

I know it might seem like a bit too much and borderline goth/steampunk, but I think it’s a reasonably wearable look.  However, I am lucky to work in an environment that is pretty flexible as far as what is considered appropriate dress.

That being said I have been a big fan of 19th century saloon-girl style since watching Deadwood… I’ve always dreamed of having the time and patience to buy this Laughing Moon saloon girl pattern and make it:

I find something appealing about the idea of wearing a bustle! However, that being said, I am so happy to live in a Western country in the 21st century when women are basically free to wear whatever they like.  Having to wear a corset, ankle length skirts and high collared tops everyday would not have been comfortable.

One thought on “Knit your own spats?!

  1. Did you just miss an opportunity to use the interrobang‽

    This post reminded me that I really should consider acquiring some gaiters. Is there anything grosser than a wed muddy pant cuff?

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