Los Tigres Del Norte dominate PGSA 2012 quiz night!

Look at this trophy.

As team leader for Los Tigres Del Norte I have had the pleasure of being part of the winning PGSA quiz team thanks to the combined brilliance of my totally awesome team mates.

Victoria University of Wellington’s Post-Graduate Student Association’s quiz night only happens once a year… and for all 3 rounds our team was clearly the best.  Our winnings include $50 Milk & Honey voucher, this awesome trophy, 2 bottles of goats milk body lotion, 3 Egyptian bookmarks, 6 $40 New World vouchers, and 6 $10 Warehouse vouchers.

Though victory was never in doubt, it couldn’t have been possible with out my brilliant team mates!  Thanks Ronan, Catherine, Miriam, Rebecca, and Paul.  WE ARE THE BEST QUIZ TEAM IN THE UNIVERSE!

When I get a photo of the entire team I will post it here.

You may be asking yourself, “Why ‘Los Tigres Del Norte’?”.

Well, when Jenny and I went down to Kaikoura in March we participated in a pub quiz at the “Strawberry Tree”.  For some reason whilst thinking of a team name we thought it would be really funny to call ourselves after the famous Norteno band “Los Tigres Del Norte”, as clearly no one in New Zealand would have any idea what that meant.  So, it basically started out as an inside joke.  However, by some fluke, we won that pub quiz! That evening, our winnings included a teapot cocktail and a T-shirt (seen modelled by myself below)

The first Los Tigres Del Norte quiz team

As this was the first pub quiz event I had ever won, I decided the team name itself must be lucky.  Therefore, when we entered the PGSA quiz, and none of my team mates had any suggestions for a team name, I suggested Los Tigres Del Norte, and that is how what began as an inside joke ended up our team name though no one but myself on the team knows its origin or significance.


How to make footless tights full length

I hate footless tights.  Why leave your poor little toes uncovered, cold, and bare?!  Unfortunately, many of the best patterns/colours of tights only seem to come in the footless variety.

I have developed a method for making them into regular tights.

As you can see, the foot on the left is cold and naked! On the other hand (or foot, as it were..) the foot on the right is warm and snugly covered.

Directions are below.

  • Step 1 – Select your tights.  Any denier/colour/pattern is fine, but buy 1 size up from the size you normally wear.  For example, I normally wear Average or Medium, but if it’s a pair of footless tights I want to turn into regular tights, I will buy “Tall” size.  Please note that this method does not work for “capri length” tights.
  • Step 2 – turn them inside out
  • Step 3 – Using a sewing machine,  start sewing from 1 corner to the other, as close as you can to the edges, using a stretch (zig-zag) stitch.  You could do this buy hand if you prefer.

Finally, you will have a toe that looks like this:

Voila!  Your tights now have feet!