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Normally I use Picasa from Google to share my digital photos, however apparently Google has decided to stop supporting the Mac iPhoto Picasa plugin that allows me to upload photos directly from iPhoto.  Google wants you to download and use their Picasa photo management software.  However, I don’t want to download another program and add another step to sharing my photos.  Instead this has compelled me to seek alternate photo-sharing options.  Also there are some things I don’t like about Picasa, especially the new way images are displayed.  Flickr is just as bad… so everyone will have to wait a bit for photos from my holiday.  Sorry!


Baby hat!

I knitted this sweet baby hat! I think it may be my finest knitting accomplishment thus far. I managed to follow the knitting chart from Alice Starmore’s book more or less correctly. Her fair isle tammy includes decreasing while working a three colour pattern. Challenging, but I think the results make it worth the effort!