Philately is fun!

I recently came across this cache of stamps I bought when I was in Laos last year.  I purchased them at the central Vientiane post office gift shop for about $1 or $2 per pack.  Most of the stamps dates from between 1982 and 1987.  It’s very interesting to see the influence of France and the USSR in the stamp design.

North American Holiday

I can’t be bothered finding an alternative photo hosting site for the moment… so I put everything up on Picasa.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the holiday.

san francisco, 2012
chicago, 2012
montreal, 2012

It was such a wonderful trip! Despite the +40 C temperatures and never ending allergies I had so much fun seeing my family and friends. Highlights include buying authentic cowboy boots in Vacaville, having dinner with my old Peace Corps pals, hanging out with April, eating “It’s it” with Vanessa, seeing my 92 year old great aunt, going camping with my mom and Jenny and Ricky and a blind, deaf poodle with no teeth, swimming in Lake Michigan, dancing to Steely Dan with my aunt at Ravinia, eating chilaquiles, drinking PBR (ok, the taste is not really a highlight…), finding a bunch of awesome stuff at the Sparrow’s Nest, eating amazing gluten-free pizza with Jenny, Ricky and Kim, inventing a gin, watermelon pucker and grapefruit juice cocktail, going to a sweet picnic in Jeanne Mance park featuring an amazing jam session and Isabelle’s bacon brownies, stuffing myself on poutine and smoked meat in Montreal, re-discovering my old hood in Mile-End, brainstorming plans for wold-domination with the ladies of BAW,  hanging out with el Tickor.  I had such an amazing time… I wish I didn’t have to go back to work on my thesis :(