cycling is sexy

Of course, you probably already know this.  I regularly bike around town in skirts and heels, my vintage riding hat protecting my head from traumatic injury.  I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those high visibility fluorescent yellow monstrosities that cyclists in New Zealand tend to live in, or the head-to-toe lyrcra get up.  Come on, is it really necessary?  Especially those people in $500 worth of specialized gear, to go to or from the office.

Seriously, it’s not the Tour De France.  You’re on a bicycle.  We know you’re a cyclist.

I favour my mustard  yellow Cambridge Satchel for visibility, and a red rear-end flasher for my own safety, which is of course important, but you don’t have to look like a fool riding around town to be safe.

Cyclists are sexy, as this model from Frock’s On Bikes Wheel Stylish fashion show proved yesterday:

In addition being sexy while cycling in a cute frock, I also got to hang out with Wellington’s newly elected green party mayor – Celia Wade-Brown.  Photographic proof coming soon!


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