nicole marie gaston, mlis, phd

About me

Hello.  My name is Nicole and if you are on this page chances are you probably know me.  If not, you can get to know me by reading this blog or looking at my totally awesome 2016 Academic Curriculum Vitae.


I’m originally from Chicago, but haven’t lived in the USA for nearly 15 years, having spent time in France, Benin, Montreal, New Zealand, and a few other countries here and there.

me and the staff of the NUOL Central Library
me and the staff of the NUOL Central Library

You may contact me by e-mail at: nicoleg |a| riseupnet

About this blog

This is the place where I share with the world every intimate detail of my pretty boring day-to-day life.  This blog is my little corner of internet vanity where I allow myself to believe that people actually care about a dress I sewed or some cookies I baked.

I initially created this blog to keep my family and friends up-to-date with my experiences as I embarked upon a journey to the other side of the planet. From 2008 – 2009 I spent a year working with the National University of Laos in Vientiane, doing capacity building at the university’s library.  The earliest entries in the blog chronicle that year.  My work in Laos was graciously coordinated by the fantastic Professor Gary Gorman, in affiliation with the IFLA-ALP (International Federation of Library Association’s Action for development through Libraries Programme).

Two years later, I embarked again upon a new journey to the other side of the planet, and moved to Wellington, New Zealand.

In March 2016 I resigned from my faculty position as lecturer in Information Studies at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand to take up a 12 month role as a library trainer with the St. Lucia Public Library.

I have since returned to New Zealand where I still work in libraries.


3 thoughts on “nicole marie gaston, mlis, phd

  1. Sabiedee.

    Greetings. I randomly found your blog while searching places to go get my haircut when I’m back in Laos this March (it was my first time going back there this Nov).

    But pretty cool blog. I hope you are enjoying your time there. I sure had a blast and really enjoy reading your blogs. It brings me back to Laos and cant wait to have some Beer Lao and Johnny Walker again!!

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