welcome to the jungle

I recently spent a few days at Rivertime Eco Lodge, about an hour outside of Vientiane.  Depsite it’s close proximity to the major population centre of Laos, it is truly like being a million miles away.  It’s in the jungle.  The closest village, Ban Thadindeng, is only a few hundred families.

I stayed in a little hut like this:

And swam in this river:

However, I think the coolest thing about staying in the jungle was the fact that I was able to get internet access via a 3g network!  Technology continually amazes me.

In addition to swimming in the river and sleeping in a hut, I also went to a karaoke bar with a bunch of farmers, ate a lot of delicious food, and did a bit of work.  Overall it was a lovely 2 days.

I have posted more photos here.