More knitting projects…

My colleague’s knitting lesson (thanks Nicola!) has inspired a personal knitting renaissance!  I have just finished another hat (and started a new one…)

Here are some photos of the hat and me looking very proud of myself.

And a close up the patterns I used:

The larger pattern I modeled on a pattern from the book “Mastering Colour Knitting” I got from the library.  While it wasn’t great as far is teaching myself how to knit fair isle or read charts, it does have some great charts in it.  Personally I think knitting is something that needs to be demonstrated visually and doesn’t come across well in books or through pictures alone.  Youtube probably has some great videos (like this one) but I needed a one-on-one demonstration.  Once I saw some one do it, and had the chance to ask questions, it literally look me about 5 minutes to learn.

Here is a scan of some other fairisle charts including a chart for the southerwestern / aztec / navajo inspired pattern I used.

The book has some pretty great patterns in it.  The new hat I am working on will feature more Fair Isle designs as well!  I will post pictures once its done.  The larger patten in the above hat I knitted is adapted from the pattern in the bottom right.

It also has some intarsia charts that I haven’t yet attempted… though in theory it’s the same.  However, instead of carrying the 2nd colour of yarn along with you as you knit, you leave the ball kind of hanging around the one area where you are using it (as far as I understand).

In the fairisle hat above I had some pretty large gaps between colours (13 stitches in some rows).  When knitting in fairisle you end up with “floats” on the wrong side of your knitting, which is the yarn  that is not showing on the right side.  If you have long stretches of a row when you don’t use one of your colours you have to twist it around your active colour to avoid having huge long bits of yarn hanging off the back, as these can get snagged on fingers and earrings etc.  I did a twist to catch the 2nd colour every 5 or so stitches.

Knitting in fairisle uses more yarn than regular stockinette, but also creates warmer garments because often you have 2 (or more) strands of yarn going throughout your piece.

So my head is nice and toasty :)

Friday I’m in love… with Wellington bargains!

The lovely and fabulous Frocks on Bikes team has organised a brunch at Duke Carvell’s this Sunday. Not only am I super stoked to get frocked up and ride my bike around town with a bunch of other awesomely attired ladies and gentlemen, but I am super excited to eat some yummy food at Duke Carvell’s.  I was also excited to take advantage of their BYO Sundays to make it a boozy brunch… but alas, as of some time recently, Duke Carvell’s have cancelled not only their BYO Sundays, but also their 2 for 1 Mondays!

It’s confusing to try to keep track of all the special weekly deals on in Wellington, and despite my attempts at finding some kind of definite list, I was unable.  So, I will compile here, for my Wellingtonian readers (and myself), various food & drink deals to be had around town.


2 for 1 pizza at Mediterranean Food Warehouse (be prepared to wait a while)

2 for 1 food at Chow

2 for 1 steaks at Crazy Horse

BYO at Cuba Street Bistro (Roxy Cafe) for $6 cork fee Monday – Wednesday

**UPDATE** I saw a sign in the window of the left bank Taco Shop saying “2 for 1 Student Mondays”.  They have the best tacos in Wellington!

**UPDATE** I read in the paper that Café Istanbul on Cuba Street does 2 for 1 mains on Mondays & Tuesdays, and is BYO.

Lots of choices for deals on Monday nights now…


$10 burgers and $10 cocktails at Monterey

2 for 1 dessert at the Library Bar

$11 films at Reading Courtney Place ($10 for students)

**Update** Café Istanbul on Cuba Street does 2 for 1 mains on Mondays & Tuesdays, and is BYO.


2 for 1 pasta at Med Foods Warehouse

2 for 1 cocktails at  Chow & Library Bar


2 cocktails for $16 at Betty’s on Blair.  I recommend the “Los Dios”  Yum!  They also have Dj’s on Thursday evenings.

2 for 1 cocktails at Good Luck on Cuba




2 for 1 cocktails at Chow & Library Bar



Other deals:

2 for 1 sushi at Sushi Bi after 4:00 pm every day (2 Woodward Street)

BYO at Joe’s Garage after 5 pm on Weekdays

$10 jugs of Monteiths at the General Practitioner Monday – Friday 7 pm to 9 pm

BYO at Little India on Cuba Street all the time

BYO at Ozeki Japanese all the time

BYO at Hazel (corkage $6 per bottle)

Maybe we should just start our own BYO pub like these folks in Christchurch did?

I am sure there are other deals and BYO places I am not aware of… please feel free to contribute if you know of any!  I am not particularly endorsing any of the above named establishments… though I have been to most of them and if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t post it here.

Knitting project no. ?

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