How to make footless tights full length

I hate footless tights.  Why leave your poor little toes uncovered, cold, and bare?!  Unfortunately, many of the best patterns/colours of tights only seem to come in the footless variety.

I have developed a method for making them into regular tights.

As you can see, the foot on the left is cold and naked! On the other hand (or foot, as it were..) the foot on the right is warm and snugly covered.

Directions are below.

  • Step 1 – Select your tights.  Any denier/colour/pattern is fine, but buy 1 size up from the size you normally wear.  For example, I normally wear Average or Medium, but if it’s a pair of footless tights I want to turn into regular tights, I will buy “Tall” size.  Please note that this method does not work for “capri length” tights.
  • Step 2 – turn them inside out
  • Step 3 – Using a sewing machine,  start sewing from 1 corner to the other, as close as you can to the edges, using a stretch (zig-zag) stitch.  You could do this buy hand if you prefer.

Finally, you will have a toe that looks like this:

Voila!  Your tights now have feet!


5 thoughts on “How to make footless tights full length

  1. Cool idea! Like you, I hate footless tights (especially since most people end up wearing socks with them anyway – if one is going to do that, why not just leave the feet on)! How do you find the “one size up” approach affects the fit of the tights elsewhere, besides the feet?

  2. I find it’s usually not a problem… but maybe if you have particularly skinny legs you could get some gaping? Maybe try it out with some tights that have quite a high elastic content, they should work well regardless.

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