Knitting project no. ?

Here in New Zealand Native American/southwestern prints are really big this year and I decided I wanted to learn how to knit my own Aztec patterned accessories.
I would consider myself an “intermediate” level knitter. I have always been intimidated by knitting charts and scared to try, but I got a few books out from the library in the hope of being able to teach myself how to make some cool multicolored designs.
The books made it seem so complicated it scared me even more.
Luckily, my colleague at Te Papa is an “advanced” or “experienced” level knitter, and I asked her to teach me how to do Fair Isle knitting. I went over to her house for a lesson Thursday evening. Believe it or not, Fair Isle is so much easier than I thought it was!


This swatch was my first attempt… after a few practice rows I was ready to move into something more complicated.

I started this hat Thursday night, and by Sunday night, I was done! It’s meant to be a beret but the top turned out a bit wonky, however, I did it! I made a hat with some cool zig-zags!!



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