the city girl who grew a vegetable

I have really been neglecting this blog as of late due to being extremely occupied with other tasks, it being summer and all.  Unfortunately not many of the tasks were picnics or beach blanket bingo, though I did get to do some fun stuff.  Mostly it has been work, work, and more work.

However I did manage to harvest a vegetable from the zucchini plants I planted in November – which I am proud to say is the first vegetable entirely sown, grown, and harvested by yours truly!

I am a city girl and I have never had much opportunity for or luck with gardening.  I seem to have a special talent for killing any plants I come into contact with.  However I am getting better and slowly learning how to grow stuff!

I did have a vegetable patch before, when I lived in Benin, but it was mostly the creation and work of my neighbour and his children, who took care of the watering and everything for me.  Even with a horde of kids watering the garden everyday, it was a lot of work planting and weeding  so after my first harvest of green beans, lettuce, and cilantro, I let the garden go back to it’s wild grassy/dirt state that was my backyard.

I am a very lazy gardener.  I really put minimal effort into these zucchini plants, yet lo and behold, my minimal efforts have been fruitful!

Here is my oddly shaped giant zucchini!  There are a few more nearly large enough for picking, and quite a lot of zucchini flowers, which I intend to smother in batter and deep fry.

Hopefully they don’t die before I get the chance!


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