Even professional designers find working with chiffon difficult.

I saw it in Project Runway!  My guilty pleasure.  Anyway, that makes me feel a little better that my attempt to re-create the Robyn Mathieson dress has thus far been a total failure.

I’m also planning on re-creating this skirt from Trenery ($150 for a polyester skirt made in China!??! WTF?! ):

But think I need to first make myself a pleating board.  Luckily I had found 2 great tutorials on just how to do that.  One from Burda Style and one from Made by Lex.  They seem simple enough, I just need some poster board and a big ruler.  Then I will be able to make kilts and tons of other awesome pleated stuff!

I was thinking of checking out the Wellington Fashion Workshop  and maybe taking a class as they probably have a pleater board, and definitely overlockers and dress forms and real cutting tables, but as of yet I have not been.  That is also part of my strategic plan for the upcoming few months.  In the meantime I am continuing with my ukulele lessons (though rarely practising because I can’t tune the goddamn thing)  and other creative extracurriculars.


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