I have just spent the last 6 hours trying to recreate this $300 dress I fell in love with after spying it in a shop window last week.

I went into the shop and tried it on yesterday.  I thought to myself “Maybe if I don’t eat for the next 3 weeks…” but then I looked more closely.  It didn’t look that complicated to me.  Just a simple shift dress with some fancy details.   I thought “I could make this.”   So I went to the fabric store and got 3 meters of silk chiffon.

My attempt has thus far been an utter failure.

It may not be evident from this photo, but what are supposed to be straight geometric shapes, are completely crooked and look as if cut out and sewn by a 6 year old child.

Some reasons why:

  • Fuck!  Chiffon is hard to work with!!  And I have never tried to before.
  • I don’t have a dress form.
  • I don’t even have a cutting table.  My bed is my cutting table.  How am I supposed to cut a straight line with this flimsy fabric on a bed??!!
  • I am a very lazy and unskilled seamstress.
  • Also, my sewing machine sucks.

Anyway, there are numerous other reasons why this is not working out.  I am going to just take a break and step away from it for the rest of the day.  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to make something wearable out of this mess I have wasted 6 hours and $30 on.


3 thoughts on “curses!

  1. Nicole, I didn’t know you sew! I am working on sewing clothes these days too, and that dress is pretty awesome. The top part really reminded me of the Colette Sorbetto top – it’s a free pdf pattern – the pleat at the centre and the arm/neckhole binding, mostly. I don’t know if you like following patterns but maybe it can help?

    I also lack a cutting table, so I hunker down on the floor and crawl around. Very undignified but it gets the job done.

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