WordPress provides its users with a very comprehensive statistical analysis. For example,  I know that 32 people looked at my blog home page today.  That is pretty surprising to me because I really thought only about 5 people ever actually read this in any given month.  So, where is all this extra traffic coming from?  Well, WordPress tells me that people are coming across my blog using the following search terms:

Of those search terms, people clicking on my blog approximately 80% of the time will be sorely disappointed.  Especially those people searching for Chicago, as the post in question is basically all about Wellington and some stupid TV show I watched.  I literally have no idea how my blog could possibly provide a hit for the search term “prison room”, but apparently it does.  Other than those searching for “recipe laap” and “nicole gaston blog”, I don’t think I really have anything to offer besides my extremely irrelevant opinions.   But hey, at least I can somewhat articulately express those irrelevant opinions!


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