Sexy Halloween

Well it’s been a while since I have written anything and I feel remiss in my blogging duties.  If only I could be as prolific as Cameron, alas, I don’t have any Pumpkin Regattas to attend or Canadian political commentary to share.  I apologise, but hope my dear readers don’t mind too much.

Since I returned to Wellington I have been filling my time transcribing interviews that I conducted in Laos, which thus far has been a time consuming, tedious task.  And I am less than half way through.  But I am making progress and slowly plodding my way through this PhD.  In addition to spending hours listening to audio interviews and trying to avoid repetitive strain injury to the 3 fingers I used to type, I am working on a few projects around the house.  So far, the big one is my Halloween costume.

Coming up with a Halloween costume idea was the trickiest part for me this year.  Several years ago I spent literally MONTHS and hundreds of dollars on a Marie Antoinette costume, only to return from a holiday (in France of course) on Tuesday October 30th, missing all the Halloween parties that had happened the weekend before.  At around 5:30 pm on Halloween I rang up all my closest pals and insisted the come over to my house immediately for a Halloween party with a costume, and if they didn’t have one, I would put something together from the contents of my wardrobe.  It ended up being a French maid, and  voyageur, among other costumes.  That impromptu Halloween party was one of the funniest of my life, and involved Trick or Treating at 2 am, receiving only a cough drop and a condom.  I have not worn the Marie Antoinette costume since.

However, this year my principle constraint was price – I didn’t want to spend ANY money on my costume.  In the end I think I will end up spending $15, which I used to buy silvery sequin fabric that I intend to make a jacket out of.  However unlikely, I have convinced myself that I may wear that jacket again on another occasion, and therefore, is a worthwhile investment.  I also made a hobby horse which I may give away to a small child after Halloween as I probably will have no use for it ever again.

It’s hard to get motivated for Halloween when you don’t have any events to attend.  Which is why I was delighted to hear about Wellington’s Halloween Critical Mass ride, when I saw a flyer at Opportunity for Animals last weekend.  I have only been on critical mass rides about 3 times, and 2 of those were Halloween rides.  So I suppose it’s some kind of tradition for me to participate in Critical Mass once a year, in October. I have also been invited to a party at a friend’s house.

Once I had identified the occasion, the ideas began to flow.  Before I had any specific engagement in mind, I considered being a zombie Amy Winehouse, vampire bunny rabbit, or Alice in Wonderland.  Unfortunately, the problem with being a woman and wanting to dress up for Halloween is that you’re supposed to be “sexy”.  The following image is a pretty accurate interpretation of this type of thought:

I’ve always secretly wanted to dress up as a giant burrito or something equally un-sexy.  I considered wearing a burqua this year… except that I would have had to go out and buy 3 meters of black cotton and was basically too cheap to do so.  So, after recalling a Halloween critical mass ride years ago in Montreal, I had the idea to decorate my bike like a horse, and make myself a circus performer costume.  After spending all day yesterday making myself a pink ballerina-y type dress, I realised I already had the perfect yellow silk circus girl dress hanging in my closet, and a pair of blue and white stripped bloomers!  So, All that is missing is the jacket, which I will hopefully finish up the next day or 2.  I will post photos of the completed project… which hopefully won’t be too sexy.


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