Guilty pleasures

In response to Heidi’s comment.. YES!  I love Game of Thrones.  And True Blood too.  HBO shows are my guilty pleasure!  Though, Game of Thrones is a lot less trashy than True Blood.  In fact, I have George R R Martin’s first novel on reserve at the library (last I checked I was #18 in line…).

My interest was piqued by the following New Yorker article:

And subsequent podcast:

Audio: Laura Miller on the epic fantasy author George R. R. Martin and his fans.

I recommend both of these resources for anyone who has enjoyed the Game of Thrones TV show.  Basically, this media whetted my appetite and since then I have download the new Game of Thrones episode every Monday afternoon just as soon as it has aired in North America.

I actually decided to book my tickets to Laos for AFTER the series had ended… so I wouldn’t have to try and download it while I was over there, or wait 3 months to see the season finale.

In fact, I should probably cancel my library hold, and just go buy the book, as it will probably become available right after I leave, and then the WPL will charge me for not picking it up!


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