the half-shave

This afternoon I went to a certificate ceremony for my Lao friends studying here in Wellington, and while they were all taking pictures of each other, I was chatting with a young lady who is studying Law here at Vic.  She stood out among the most Southeast Asian faces because of her height, and her hairstyle: the half-shave.

This photo above is of some model who is apparently famous for this hair style.  And, seeing it up close and personal I was actually reminded of my pal Corina who had a better a-symmetrical haircut like 5 years ago.

However, I thought the half-shave suited the Law student quite well and made for a pretty cute, hipster hairstyle with a hint of provocativeness.  Basically, it’s like the mullet for the 21st century- business on one side, party on the other.  And, probably similarly to the mullet, the have-shave will one day be regarded as a tragic regrettable fashion trend.

However, to pull of such a hairstyle I think you need to be either in a profession where you get paid to look like a badass, or young enough to be able to get away with a “FTW” look (probably supported by your parents).
I have had all manner of crazy hairstyles in my day, and I’m happy to stick with the simple, au-natural thing I have had going on for a while now.  Even though technically, I am a student, and people wear jeans and sweatshirts around this place all the time, I want to be taken seriously by my colleagues.

Also, the annoying thing about wild hair is how long it takes to grow back to anything remotely suitable to professional situations.

However, the strongest deterrent for me is the kind of message about insecurity such a haircut sends.  Walking around with some kind of ultra trendy hipster haircut is like wearing a giant sign that says “I want you to think I’m cool”.  If you really know you’re cool, you don’t need to broadcast it on your head.  This is also the mentality that lies behind my dislike of band t-shirts (or novelty t-shirts in general).
Also, having long hair you can do some crazy shit like this:

Way cooler than a half-shave anyday!

So that is just my 2 cents on the matter.


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