proposal presentation complete – hooray!

I have completed my proposal presentation to the School of Information Management and (I think) successfully defended it, despite some disquieting comments, and the irritating presence of a certain immature former office-mate who insisted on posing a number of pointless, already answered questions, just to hear his own voice and try and make me uncomfortable.  It still pisses me off!  Why do people have to be so petty and spiteful?  Anyway, the guy is a straight up asshole and everyone knows it.

Anyway, I am now getting started on revisions and HEC approval, a Lao visa, other logistical things to take care of before I leave for Vientiane.  I’m hoping to leave sometime mid-June, for about 2 months.  But, that depends on how long it takes me to make the required changes to my proposal and get it accepted by SIM.

Here is a picture of me addressing a full house:

I am so glad to have it over with.  What a relief!  The presentation, and the months leading up to it, were so incredibly stressful that I almost can’t believe they make everyone go through it.  It’s cruel and inhumane!  I didn’t sleep. I ate shit food and didn’t exercise, hence got even fatter.   I developed psoriasis on my scalp (a sure sign of stress).  I actually freaked out and started screaming at Ticker one afternoon.  It was awful.  Thank God it’s over…I almost feel like the oral defence of the thesis may even be easier, as only the examiners will be present, and it’s only a 15 minute presentation, and you have some idea of the questions that you will have to respond to ahead of time.  SIM is the only school at Vic that makes its PhD student do such a huge proposal and a 2-hour long presentation and defence of the proposal.  Other schools have 10,000 word proposals and 20-minute presentations!

Anyway, I suppose PhDs are meant to be hard, or everyone would get one.

A major milestone down, and now less than 2 years to go!!  Hooray!


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