Domestic Bliss

This post is an ode to the joys of having a comfortable home, full of sunshine and 2nd hand consumer goods, as well as a loving and mostly peaceful domestic partnership.

After living all over the place for the past few years, and never really having the chance to “nest”, I have now fully entered “nesting” mode.  By this I mean I am filling my kitchen with gadgets and appliances culled from trips to the Salvation Army and St. Vincent DePaul shops, supplemented when necessary by TradeMe (NZ’s Craigslist/Ebay.. but not as a good as Craigslist!)

Recent acquisitions include:

  • Pristine 1970’s Australian-made food processor –  complete with “continuous flow disk (aka ‘salad shooter’ attachment)” and never-before used assortment of blades.
  • Bread machine
  • “Vampyr” German-made vacuum cleaner
  • 30 cm non-stick skillet – not Tefal, bu not a piece of junk either
  • Rice cooker
  • Iron
  • 2 liter electric kettle
  • Kitchen scale

In addition to my existing stock, including:

  • “West” German-made Pfaff Hobbymatic 807 sewing machine, circa 1975 ?
  • Set of cast-iron skillets
  • Tortilla press
  • Kenwood “Chefette” mixer, stand, and bowl, circa 1970 ?
  • Assorted sizes of muffin tins, cake tins, bundt pans, pie tins, souffle dishes and casserole sets.

Basically, I am totally in domestic bliss over here.  Why should I ever even leave my house?  Hooray for homemaking!

Here are some picture of mine and Ticker’s little nest:

My appliance shelf
Cookin' nook
Kitchen window herbs - basil and green coriander
The door to chez nous

Admittedly, the outside of the house looks a little grim.  The current owner told me that the previous owner, who was of Eastern European origin, had decided to cover the existing wooden exterior of the house in the grey, cement-like panelling now visible.  He also paved over a significant portion of the front garden, faithfully true to the Eastern European aesthetic found in many lovely communist countries.  The current owner told me he fully intended to tear down the ugly cement exterior as soon as he purchased the house, but after consideration, decided to leave it, for the time being.  That was 16 years ago.  Despite being very ugly, the cement panels not only protect the original early 20th-century wooden exterior, but also insulate the house, which helps us save on heating costs.  So, that is why our house looks so ugly from the outside.  Inside, however, as you can see, it’s very cute.

It's 100 steps down (and up) from the street

The steps pictured on the left lead to our neighbours’ flat, and further down, the front 1 bedroom flat, which has been empty, until today! Even further down is Coromandel Street.

Our massive Southern-facing bedroom window
It's hard to sleep in when you have this much sunlight pouring in every morning!

Come visit!  We have a spare bedroom, complete with an orange 1970’s sleeper sofa!

** I forgot to mention two items I already posses:  a juicer, and a food dehydrator.  The juicer gets used pretty frequently, the food dehydrator… once!


3 thoughts on “Domestic Bliss

  1. I completely understand the domestic bliss – we have a slow cooker (holiday present) and a blender. Mind you, we don’t actually use these things, but somehow I feel as though my kitchen is more complete with them in it. As for your spare room – I’ll match that offer with our spare room, complete with bed and sewing machine!

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