Broken Promises

I recently made a non-verbal, yet sacred oath, that I would do no more buying of fabric until I used at least a significant portion of the massive stash I had already accumulated.

I actually kept this promise for several weeks, and even begun making a few things, like these two dresses:












The dress on the left was made using the following awesome 80’s pattern:










However, on my way to the Newtown Veggie Market on Saturday morning, I passed by a poster announcing a “Jumble Sale” at the Bagpiper’s Association Hall in Newtown.  I immediately switched gears and headed over to the sale, bypassing the veggie market.

To put it simply, the jumble sale was amazing!  The entire places reeked of moth balls, but was full of NEW vintage stuff!  Some stuff even had tags on it, circa 1970!  There was a massive table piled with fabric… and a lady informed it was going for $1 – 2 a piece, most of which were a few meters long.  I quickly snapped up a number of awesome patterns, in addition to a bag full of clothes, some tea boxes, a step stool, a set of tea cups and saucers, and a number of other things.. all for less than $25 !

Here are some of the fabrics I snatched:

Here is one of the six cup and saucer sets I found:

Time permitting, I will post photos of the sewing projects that come from my now even more massive stash of fabric.  And I will try very hard not to buy anymore fabric until I do so!


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