I haven’t been posting much because… I have been spending all my free time down at the Les Mills “Extreme” gym here in Wellington, shaking my booty in the Sh’Bam classes.  Normally it’s something like $30 a week to be a member there, but they have a free trial going on until the end of January.  So, I have been trying to take advantage of that as much as possible, since I can’t possibly afford to actually become a member.

My mom first told me about Sh’Bam a few months ago.  The gym near her house in Cary has Les Mills group fitness classes.  When I visited her in September I suggested we try out some of the group classes… we went to a Body Pump class, and a Body Flow class.  She loved them both and has since then become an avid Les Mills group fitness class attendee.  Since she started doing these classes she has lost probably near 15 kgs!  When we talk on Skype she likes to sing the songs and do her Sh’Bam dance moves for me.  Her endorsement was so strong I almost considered a paid membership… until I realised just how expensive it is.  So, I jumped at the chance to try it out when they started offering this free trial.  And now I am totally addicted.  I’m going to have to start selling crystal meth cooked in a camper van to support my Sh’Bam habit!

Have you ever seen a room of 50 women (and 2 or 3 guys) all performing synchronized dance moves with massive huge ear-to-ear smiles on their faces for 45 minutes straight? It’s a surreal experience.

Anyway, the thing I like about Sh’Bam is that it doesn’t take itself seriously – the instructors want it to be fun, and the songs and dance moves are made to be cheesy, and silly sometimes.  I also enjoy all these big pop songs, even though I am loathe to admit it.

Anyway, I compiled a mix of some of the my favourite Sh’Bam tracks, from the ones done here in New Zealand, which come from all the releases; Sh’Bam #1, Sh’Bam #2, and Sh’Bam #3.

You can download the .mp3’s here!

I wasn’t sure about what versions were used in the official releases… but I tried to find songs that sounded similar, from memory.  Also, I’m not exactly sure how Sh’Bam works.  I think some of the instructors make up their own choreography to songs of their choosing, but perhaps they are all choreographed and selected by Les Mills International?  I will try and find out.

Enjoy and find a Sh’Bam class near you to try it out!

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