bootleg sounds

I don’t know how legit this is, but I used my new audio recorder to record Mirah’s show at Happy  in Wellington on 28 October.

My supervisors suggested I start recording our weekly meetings, so I had been borrowing the school’s “voice memo” recorder.  The administrator at the school was kind of getting sick of my borrowing it every week (even though the school owns like 20!) and giving me a hard time everytime I needed it for like 2 hours.  GG kept telling me to go to Dick Smith’s and buy a cheap one for $100, but I knew I wanted to the Zoom H2 recorder, which was available for about $100 USD in the states, and much better quality than anything at Dick Smith’s.  The Zoom recorder is supposed to be some kinda fancy equipment used for professional recording or something.  Anyway, I know nothing about music gear, but I figured if I had to buy an audio recorder, I might as well get one that I could use for many purposes.  Since I bought it in August, I have only been using it for my weekly meetings with DD & GG.  BORING!  I figured that since I have this alleged “professional” recording device, complete with an instruction manual the size of a Jane Austen novel and several diagrams of ideal placement for recording, I thought I would use it to record a show I was actually really looking forward to – Mirah at Happy in Wellington on October 28th.

This is my first attempt at bootlegging a show, so it’s perhaps not the best quality.  The vocals are a little too quiet and the drums peak out at a couple points, but otherwise, it was a good show.  There was a lot of funny banter regarding New Zealand, and she played to a room of about 30 people, rather than the normal 700+ person shows that she might headline in the states.

There was a really eager young man who kept trying to convince Mirah to stay at his house after the show.  He literally mentioned it it 3 or 4 times in the space of a 5 minute conversation, to which she kept replying “I’m staying at a friend’s house”.  It would have been creepy if he wasn’t so innocent and naive and eager.



The dogs of B.A.
Gone are the days
Bones & skin
It’s not your fault, Ponchartrain
We’re both so sorry
The world is falling
Look up!
While we have the sun
The forest
Cold cold water
Light the match
Mt. St. Helens
The garden
David Bowie “Changes” cover

I would appreciate feedback.


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