perhaps not destined to be a hobbit…

The new pair of Peter Jackson films about hobbits have been in the news here in New Zealand quite  a bit lately.  There was some kind of labour dispute over contracts and whatnot for actors, and they were considering filming the movies in Eastern Europe, until some kind of deal between the actors’ unions and the studio people was reached.  So, as of last week, “The Hobbit” has been given a greenlight to start production.  I don’t actually understand any of the details with the disputes and the deals, all I know is that on the day when the contract conditions were finally ironed out, the Dominion Post ran a story with the headline “One Deal to Rule Them All”.

However, to my everlasting chagrin, after getting professional headshots done (gratis, thanks to a friend), and tracking down who/where to send an application form in to be an extra on “The Hobbit”, I have had my hopes bitterly crushed.  It appears that the filming will be taking place in Matamata, and if you don’t live near there, they will be unable to use you.

As you can see, it’s a bit too far to commute!

Maybe I will have to postpone my dreams of becoming a “Wellywood” star?  Unless perhaps they want to cast me in a lead role… the hobbit’s love interest?  According to an industry insider the “type” they look for when casting hobbits is a “roundy”.  I wasn’t sure if “roundy” referred to the body shape, or face, though either way, I certainly qualify as a “roundy”.  It turns out they look for people with round faces.  So, yes, despite posessing ideal hobbit-like facial features, I have been spurned by the extras department because I live 7 hours drive away!  Perhaps when they take a closer look at my headshots they will realise I am indeed leading hobbit lady material?

thanks to antony kitchener for the photography!


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