Summer of Stems!

This post goes out to all my home-girls in the so’hem, especially the ladies of Wellington.  As we embark on what appears to be the beginning of a beautiful summer I have this to say – gams out girls!

That’s right, I officially declare this the Summer of Stems,

Show off them legs ladies!

I’m talking about short skirts, booty shorts, mini-dresses, anything that will give you the opportunity to show off your legs.

(However, if you do choose to wear a miniskirt while cycling, make sure your lady bits aren’t on display, for modesty’s sake.)

I full intend to scandalize all of the men in the School of Information Management with my bare, unshaven gams.

Hopefully I’ll elicit a “nice pins!” from one of the men folk around town, though I will gladly wait until the 6th of December to hear it from the lips of my darling.

Let’s all be inspired by the lady with the hottest legs in show business:

Tina Turner's bare legs




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