halloween cookie time

Hello readers,


If I could make people all over the world love Halloween as much as I do, it would be declared a global holiday.  Moving apartments on Nov. 1st would be declared unlawful, and workplaces would require costumes to be worn with threat of immediate termination.


Unfortunately, this level of recognition has not yet reached the pinnacle I hope for in certain parts of the world, New Zealand being one of them.  I, however, will not let a lack of the festive spirit put a damper on my own intentions to celebrate.  So, not only did I spend $100 on my costume, including dying my hair red, decorate the mailbox with faux spiderwebs, and but 2 bags of raisin boxes to give away to potential trick-or-treaters, I also baked 3 batches of Halloween Spiral Cookies.

This same recipe can be used for Christmas cookie (red & green?), or any other holiday with 2 special colours.  I was actually thinking perhaps I could do a 3-layer “I love America” Red White & Blue special for next 4th of July… though the white may be tricky.

Anyway, it’s quite simple.  Mix up a batch of your favourite sugar cookie recipe (mine will be posted at a later date).

Divide in half.  Mix different food colouring into each half.  Chill.

Roll out each portion of the dough into similar shaped rectabgles.  Place one on top of the other.  Roll it up like a giant sushi roll.  Chill the roll for a bit longer, take it out, and slice it into cookies (1 cm thick or so).  Bake and enjoy the “wow” factor from your friends and neighbors, who will think all Americans are crazy for Halloween, like me!

for the brown i used cocoa powder and cinnamon


And here is  Joan and Peggy on Halloween Evening:



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