it’s official.

I was hesitant to make and official announcements until I had definitive proof; in the form of plane tickets purchased, more specifically.  I suppose I was worried that something might change, as plans do, or something might come up, as things do.

But I can now say, without hesitation, that my sweetheart is moving to New Zealand, to be with me.

As evidenced by the .pdf record of his Air New Zealand purchase, I know that, barring catastrophe, he will be arriving here in Wellington on December 6th.

This is of course, very exciting news!  He’s arriving just in time for what I have been assured is going to be a beautiful New Zealand summer, and the traditional Holloway Road Christmas Garden Party.  These are both things to look forward to, but mostly I’m just looking forward to having my sweetie back my side, and knowing that the next 12 months will find us a maximum distance of mere tens or hundreds of kilometers apart for any extended length of time, rather than the current 15,000.  I can finally see the light at the end of the long-distance-love tunnel!  Hooray!


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