Another life to be jealous of.

I totally have the most boring life of anyone I know.

My friends Amanda and Dain are building an Earthship in the middle of the New Mexico desert.  Look at where they live, and what they have done.


Umm… I woke up this morning… made tea, some toast, and vacuumed.  It’s grey outside.  I don’t have any friends in this country.  The love of my life is 15,000 kms away.  OH MY GOD WHY DOES MY LIFE SUCK SO MUCH!??!

Oh, and by the way, if you live in the Wellington (New Zealand) region and are looking for a kombucha mother, or scooby, or whatever you want to call it, contact me.  I will have spares every few weeks.

kombucha, the health elixr

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