Mid-winter in Wellington

So, yesterday was June 21st.  In my previous 29 years, this would be the day with the most hours of sunlight.  Here in Wellington it was the shortest day of the year.  I suppose if I look on the bright-side, it means the days will start getting longer now.  And seriously – it’s not that cold.  It’s 9°C today.  It’s gotten down to 0°C once.  People keep moaning and groaning about how absolutely freezing it is… but people in Wellington are a bunch of wimps.  They’ve never experienced a winter in Canada.  People are still wearing flip-flops.

Admittedly, most homes here are not insulated, or not well insulated, so it tends to be almost as cold in people’s homes as it is outside, but really, it’s not that bad.  I’m lucky to live in a well insulated house, and have a warm office.  Otherwise I would probably kill myself because the sun disappears from Holloway Road at about noon.

At our house, we heat the living room, kitchen, and upstairs with a wood fireplace.  In the front of the house, where my room is, and the bathroom, the heat from the fireplace doesn’t penetrate.  So, I have a little electric heater in my room, which does a great job of keeping me warm.

In New Zealand much of the electricity comes from coal.  There are a number of competing electric companies and you don’t have to stick with any one provider.  Which means we get our electricity from a company who are “committed to renewable energy”, and it comes from hydro power and wind-farms around the country.  I don’t know how I feel about the wood-burning fireplace.  Is it environmentally friendly?  Well, I don’t even know how to light the fire in the fireplace, and I never touch it, so it’s not really my concern.  I tried to use it once and it nearly exploded.  Also, I never use the dishwasher.   I’m old sk00l like that.

Anyway, it’s mid-winter here, luckily the sun is shining and it’s not raining.  I still hate it.  I appreciate everyone’s concern for my happiness, but I think I’m committed to not liking Wellington.  At least until September or something.  The first 6 months I spent in Montreal I hated it.  I wanted to quit school and leave.  So, this is totally normal.  Don’t try to change my mind – Wellington sucks and I hate New Zealand.  It’s just not as good as anywhere I’ve ever lived.  Well… it’s maybe on par with Schaumburg… and I spent 18 years there!


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