My New Zealand Rant.

Ok, I was just looking at my lovely friend Laurie-Anne’s pictures of her trip to Bali. She is living and working in Badung, Indonesia.  I’m not sure exactly what she is doing, but it probably has something to do with French.  Anyway, wow.  I am so jealous.

New Zealand is so boring.

Why didn’t anyone warn me about how boring trying to do a PhD would be?  Yeah, I knew it would be hard work, but at first moving to New Zealand seemed exciting.  But seriously, it’s not.  It’s like Canada, but without the snow.  And without all the amazing people I knew in Canada (you know who you are!).  And without my superduperspecial lover of sweetness.

What a place to live.  Talk about a cultural void.  In fact, in my opinion, I think all this talk of NZ European/Maori “bi-culturism” is just an excuse for white people to appropriate Maori culture – which I see happening everywhere.  Probably because their own culture is non-existant and, completely monolingual! They need to steal some one else’s cultural identity.  Or rather, the dominant culture is a mixture of all the most boring elements of WASP cultures from Anglophone countries with an emphasis on being politically correct and “culturally sensitive”, to anyone with a REAL culture. Which equals totally boring.  Kind of like Canada with regards to being politically correct, but without any national identity, a totally lame flag, and rugby instead of ice hockey.

I was watching TV (for the first time in this country) a few weeks ago when I was at my Lao friend’s house, and on the music news show, at the end the guy actually said “Stay classy New Zealand!”.  How pathetic is it that a national music news program host has to rip-off a shitty American Will Farrel movie to try to make their program more interesting?

Don’t be fooled, this country is neither interesting nor environmentally friendly!  The “green” New Zealand image is totally false!  They don’t even recycle plastic bags here!  Yet, despite that, hardly anyone brings re-usable shopping bags with them.  As previously mentioned, public transportation is shit and people drive everywhere.

Maybe if you get a chance to get out into the countryside and wilderness and away from all the well-meaning, friendly banal people you can actually experience something worthwhile.  But I certainly haven’t yet.  Unless I get some seriously awesome job offer after I finish my thesis, I don’t intend on staying in this country.

Ok, I have released my anger and frustration.  I will continue to post positive, happy blog entries now.

(p.s. I used Rollip to enhance the photograph above)

(p.p.s. (disclaimer) New Zealanders, please don’t take any offense by any my above statements.  They merely reflect my present state of mind, and are emotionally charged and certainly not objective, therefore irrelevant in a legitimate discourse.  Just give me an opportunity to rant about my own country, or Canada for that matter, I would have far too much to say than could be contained on a single blog posting.)


2 thoughts on “My New Zealand Rant.

  1. Hi Nicole. This is SO familiar to me and I totally feel your pain. I really think there’s like this arc in the experience of moving/working abroad and if you go back and map it out for each time you’ve done it it definitely repeats itself. The key is what happens when you come out of the initial funk. That’s kind of where I am at right now, like can I make a real life out of this or is it just an anger and frustration-inducing detour from reality? A month or two ago I was completely losing it. Now I’m still not sure but I feel like the worst is over.

    I hope the PhD stuff will keep you engaged enough that you can kind of forget the surrounding life issues…

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