I’m not sure if the concept of a roast has its roots in the UK, or is truly a New Zealand tradition, but I experienced my first one a few Sundays ago.  I originally was under the impression that it was a brunch.  Then I realized it was more of a late lunch/early dinner.

We got started in the kitchen around 1:00, and sat down to eat around 2:30.  The table was replete with mouth-watering culinary delights.  The roast itself was so succulent and delicious, lamb unlike any I have ever tasted, complete with fresh rosemary.  How could I have lived here for nearly 3 months and never figured out that the giant bush in front of the house was rosemary?  I guess I’ve just never seen it growing so profusely!

The sides included an amazing salad with Haloumi, brussel sprouts, roast kumara and pumpkin, cheesey cauliflower, and my contribution, garlic sauteed green beans.  It was definitely an occasion for pigging out.

b-sprouts, yo!

salade avec haloumi

haricots verts sautees a l'ail

Dessert was a tarte tatin, a french take on the apple pie, involving very buttery pastry.   I am still working on perfecting my tarte tatin, when time permits.  Of course, once I do perfect it, I will surely post all the details here.


3 thoughts on “Roast!

  1. I just kinda freaked out thinking this post was written by Lotte and was like “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’VE NEVER HAD A ROAST BEFORE?!” (especially considering I have had at least one succulent NZ roast lamb with Lotte (Christmas ’06))

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