Getting into the groove of the PhD thang

So, 3 months in, I feel like I am finally getting the hang of this PhD thing.  I may be totally premature in writing this, and go through another depressive, unmotivated, “What am I doing?”, “Am I really smart enough?” phase, but today, I feel good.

I met with my supervisor today, who literally gave my glowing compliments.  He said my writing was “excellent”, and “very convincing”, and that I did a great job of really “critically analyzing” the literature.  I am also working with him, and another professor, on a different research project.  We met today as well, and the other professor also said that I was “an excellent writer” based on the literature review I had done for them.

I’m enjoying the PhD lifestyle so far.  I love walking around the School of Information Management, with my cardigan and pencil skirt, hearing my high heels clicking against the floor, feeling self-important as I walk back and forth from the printer room or staff kitchen to my office, and exchange pleasantries with old men with beards and bow ties.  I can waltz in a 3:00 pm, and hang out until 8:00 listening to Thee 6 Mafia in my office, where I have at least 7 different kinds of tea in my desk drawer.  In fact, yesterday evening, I did just that, and I even drank an Emerson’s Weiss Ale while I attempted to write up a methodology section for a research project I have absolutely no first-hand knowledge of!

The sun is finally shining for the first time in days/weeks/it feels like years.  I am going to get some fresh air, though I will definitely spend more time today with LISA & ERIC, my only friends in this city.  Who needs friends when you have databases?


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