America, the ugly.

Why does everyone in America have to drive cars?

This in entire planet is totally fucked.  Modern urban planning has created “communities” who’s entire premise is based upon on people’s ownership of fossil-fuel consuming vehicles.  How is this sustainable?  It destroys the traditional concept of communities and makes people slaves to oil and car companies.  I wish the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could be the wake up call that people need to realize they must give up their dependency on cars, and non-renewable resources.  Why are we destroying our planet so people can work 20 miles from where they live?  It’s just stupid.  Cities need to invest in public transit and people need to live where they work.  American suburbs are monstrosities.   Unfortunately, despite this “economic slowdown”, and the massive oil spill that is destroying our planet’s oceans, I expect we’ll keep going until every blade of grass is covered in concrete and strip malls.


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