sounds of silence

Well, it’s been about 1 month since I last posted here.  As I predicted, I don’t have much to write about except cooking, which I am now doing on the Holloway Road Food Blog (though not very often).  Basically my life here is not very exciting.  It’s quite alright – I’m sick of excitement!  My life has been far too exciting, full of ups and downs, twists and turns, a general roller coaster ride for the past few years.  I’m happy to settle into quiet little routine of domesticity and academic work.  I’ve actually been avoiding academic events and the entire University social scene, nearly avoiding all forms of socialisation in favour of knitting, sewing, reading, baking, etc.

I have however, been doing quite well in several new health related pledges; I have cut out all caffeine from my life, and started jogging 5 times a week.  So far I have been very successful in both these endeavors.  Though I do desperately miss my green tea, I’m finding herbal or decaffeinated replacements, and I figure that once I ween myself off the caffeine I can begin allowing myself small doses again.  I generally drink 2-3 liters of tea a day, and I was experiencing some insomnia. I realized this was obviously a result of too much caffeine ingestion, and haven’t had a drop since then, more than 2 weeks ago!  I have to say that I have been sleeping much more, and deeply since I gave up the stuff, though when I do inevitably get that post-lunch fatigue I do feel very tempted to help myself to a strong Earl Grey, I have thus far resisted.  As for jogging, I had taken the entire winter back in Montreal off from nearly every form of physical activity, so getting back into the sporting life took me a while.  Now that I’ve worked up to a quick 15 minutes jog every morning, I’m hoping I’ll soon be able to expand upon my routine which currently takes me from one end of Holloway road to the other and then back home again.

Sorry for my dilatory posting.  I do have some ideas for future posts based on things I have observed around town, and conversations with my flatmates, who are essentially my primary sources for information on all things kiwi.

What I learned today:

North America        New Zealand

Sweater                    Jersey or Jumper (Less frequently)

Cardigan                 Cardi

Sweatshirt              Sweater

Jersey                      Sport uniform

Tank top                 Singlet

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