crab apple jelly, anzac bars, carrot cup-cakes, pizza party!

I spent most of Sunday morning at the weekly market, then going to a jumble sale and buying tons of teacups; something our household is definitely not lacking in.  Sorry, is that a hanging participle?

Before I left, Lotte, upon sending the baby off with her Sunday swimming instructor, said “I don’t feel like going out and spending money.  I feel like staying home and making stuff!”.  She had already started a crab-apple jelly, and had the giant pot out for some home-made catsup.

Anyway, when I came home a bit later, the kitchen was full of awesome stuff.

A quick round-up of the weekend’s culinary adventures:

Lotte’s crab-apple jelly, made with crab-apples from our garden!  I still haven’t gotten to try it yet, but the colour is amazing.

Mmmmm.. my first taste of ANZAC bars!  Fresh out of the oven from Lotte’s “Ladies, A plate” cookbook.  So buttery…. and better than oatmeal raisin cookies, I must say.

Louis & I accidentally bought double carrots at the market Sunday… so I decided to make some carrot cupcakes.  Try adding some grated ginger to your next carrot cake, wow.

Louis friend Paul came over for dinner – we had a pizza party!

Home made dough + home made tomato sauce + caramelized onions + bleu cheese + spinach + capsicums + fresh parsley + fresh oregano = unbelievable goodness.

I’m feeling hungry just posting these pictures.. is it lunchtime yet?


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