newly zealanded

Well, I finally made it!

Me @ Oriental Bay


I went through the Victoria International PhD Orientation on Monday, and met with my supervisors today.  After some one enters something into a computer, send me back another form, I sign it, and then it gets sent back to them again, I will be OFFICIALLY ENROLLED in the PhD programme at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Ahhh, more paperwork.

However, things are moving along.  I’ve already got an office, and a key to that office!

I’ve only briefly met my office mate, so I’ll refrain from commenting for the time being.  There’s a meeting Friday for all of the 8 new PhD students in the School of Information Management to get to know each other, and today I met with Dr. Gary & Dr. Dan.  I’ve already got a lot of ideas buzzing around inside my head, though I don’t even have a university e-mail or library access yet!  Gary suggested about a billion books for me to read.

So far, I’m totally loving the PhD lifestyle.  My house, and housemates, are totally awesome!  Everyone I’ve met in the School seem friendly and genuinely excited to have me as part of the academic community, and Wellington is a totally beautiful city.  In addition – I already got offered a job as Dan’s research assistant, paying $22 an hour for 10 hours a week!  I’m gonna be totally rolling in dough!  I also get to set my own hours… which means I might be tempted to totally slack off.  However, I will have weekly meetings with my supervisors who will be expecting progress reports so that should be a good motivating factor if ever I feel tempted to watch a 12 part documentary on the mysteries of ancient Egypt…

Culturally speaking, and logistically, this is by far the easiest transition to living in a new country I have ever experienced.  Somebody from Vic picked me up at the airport, dropped me off at my new home, where my lovely housemate had already made my bed, and even put a sweet smelling vase of artichoke flowers on my desk (next to a cup already full of pens).  I spent the weekend walking around the city, discovering T Leaf Teas (dangerous to my pocketbook!), the vegetable market, and drinking some fine Kiwi beer. My house is a beautiful old Victorian cottage with the most amazing bathtub I have ever seen, and a 15 minute walk to the School.  Everyone speaks English, smiles allt he time, and says “Hello” on the street.  I love it here!

I feel like I should wait at least a week before passing judgment, but so far, my initial feelings are:

I’ll be posting pictures at:

Check regularly for updates!


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