Final preparations!

After having to submit yet another 3 random documents to the New Zealand High Comission in Ottawa, they have assured me that the will issue the Visa this week and overnight it to me.

I threw a going away party on Saturday, or “Departy”, the neologism I invented from the Quebecois “Party de depart”.  Just remember you heard it here first when it’s the lingua franca in 2020.

Ticker and I made a turkey, and stuffing.  I actually spent the entire day cooking.  I baked muffins, made a jello mold, home made baba ganoush, pasta salad, a giant pot of vegan chili, mixed greens salad with homemmade pickled beets, etc.  It was the “eat the cupboards bare” party.  I kept trying to encourage people to eat the cans of smoked clams, pineapple slices, black eyed peas, beef broth that expired in 2002, cream of mushroom soup, creamed corn, artichoke hearts, and jalepeno jelly that still needed to go, yet no one took me up on the offer, though we did end up cracking open the jar of “Maple-Fir Jelly”.  It mostly just tasted like maple though.

As soon as I get pictures from Mr. Ticker I shall post some, though I’m sad to say I didn’t think to take any pictures of the bird… or the rest of the giant feast we prepared.

This is my last week at work at the MCL! Friday we’re having a reception for the creative writing project I have been working on, I’m excited to have the kids read their stories! I’m worried that they’re going to f*** it up, of course, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Also – this Wednesay they’re broadcasting the radio piece we worked on with the kids from Tyndale.  It totally didn’t turn out to be ANYTHING that I had hoped, but it was still fun.  I’ll post the link to the CKUT archive once it airs, but if you’re in Montreal, you can tune in Wednesday to 90.3 fm at 7:00 pm!


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