new, improved nicole, now with jaundince!

It’s true… according to the documents I submitted to the New Zealand High Commission in Ottawa, my doctor indicated that I am suffering from jaundice.  That would probably explain the strange yellow tint to my eyes…

Unfortunately for me,  New Zealanders don’t let people suffering from jaundice into their country, so I have to now get a letter from my doctor explaining that he must have accidentally ticked the wrong box.

They also informed me that I am missing a radiologist’s report from my x-ray, just so they can be sure I don’t have TB.  I called the Montreal Chest Institute to ask them to fax a copy of the report to the High Comission in Ottawa.  the radiologist’s VERBATIM response: “WHat the hell do they need that report for?!  I already filled out their form saying ‘No evidence of TB.’  These new Zealand Immigration people are so anal!  It’s just really frustrating.”

If only you (radiologist, and the rest of the world) knew just how truly frustrating a process this has been!

Oh yeah, I’ve also had to get medical reports faxed to me from the USA and now I have to pay the Clinique St. Henri doctor $40 for the forms he filled filled out (incorrectly!)

In addition, my home phone and internet has been disconnected. I had some moments of panic, but am now recovered.   Like I said to my sweetie, “I can handle anything the universe throws at me.”.


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