blogging on the bus

As I type this, I am sitting aboard a Coach Canada bus headed for Toronto, coming from Montreal.  I am traveling at approximately 100 kilometers and hour.  This bus is equipped with wi-fi.  Technology!!!

It seems very strange to me that I am able to access the internet without using any sort of telephone or dsl or ethernet cables involved at all.  I remember when I went to France, after being in West Africa for over a year, and suddenly there was wi-fi internet at the school I had gone to.  It blew my mind that you could access the internet without a cable!  However, that’s all become old news, and you still have to have the wireless router attached to a cable somewhere.  But here I am, posting to Word Press, totally wirelessly!  It’s amazing!

Anyway, I am heading back to Chicago for 2 reasons.  I got a job!  A job that requires me to re-enter Canada and apply for a work-permit at the “Point of Entry”.  Also, I don’t have any winter clothes in Montreal and want to get a few things from mom’s basement.

As of Monday, November 8th, I will be the new Branch Librarian at the Montreal Children’s Library Richmond Square Branch, located in Little Burgundy.  I’m so excited !!!

I also found a new place to live, sans cats, in St. Henri, a 15 minute walk from Richmond Square.  Everything seems to be working out in the best possible way for me right now.  The universe is finally aligning in my favour!!

I had a great Halloween, despite my boyfriend’s best attempts to sabotage the festivities.  In a last minute turn of events, I decided to be a dead lumberjack.

happy halloween!

More pictures from the weekend can be found at:



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