in montreal…

I am currently in Montreal, however… I’ll be on my way outta here shortly, for a few days at least, for a job interview in Nebraska!

Until that time, I don’t really have much to report, other than mundane banalities regarding daily life as what is essentially an unemployed childless housewife.  We don’t even have a TV for me to watch my soaps on!

Actually, I’m busy reading up on Intellectual Freedom in Academic Libraries, and checking out the Library Bill of Rights.  I should, right now, be preparing a presentation I aim to deliver at this interview in Nebraska, however I’m feeling a bit uninspired and stumped.  The nature of the assignment is quite vague “a 15-20 minute presentation on any aspect of librarianship that interests me”; perhaps that’s why I’m having trouble coming up with a “wower”. Any suggestions are warmly welcomed.
I really found the Library Bill of Rights to be inspiring and incredibly relevant, especially considering the bulk of it was drafted in what… 1950 ?! Give it a read if you have a minute, it won’t take any longer than that, I assure you.  I’m constantly amazed by the foresight, intelligence and respect that librarians possess.  We’re basically the best ever.

If this job works out… drink a Beerlao to celebrate! And come visit me in Nebraskie anytime!


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