shamlessly exploiting my students

Ok, I know this is probably unethical, but I won’t use any names and I’m almost sure none of my former students will ever see this.

A few months ago I gave my students the following writing exam, based on one of the lessons in our textbook:

1.) Write a letter in response to the following letter received by Annie.  Give your advice.

Desperate in Love
Dear Annie,
I am a 17 year old student and I am in love with my teacher.  She is a 34 year old woman from Australia.  She has been my teacher for 1 year already, and I have loved her since the first day I saw her. Everytime I go to school I see her and I feel nervous.  I am afraid to tell her how I feel.  I don’t know if she loves me because I am not a very handsome man and I am very shy.  She is single and she always smiles at me and is very kind to me. I am afraid if I tell her how I feel she will ask me to leave her class, or maybe if she loves me she might get fired from her job.  Please help me and tell me what to do!
Warm regards,
Lonely Pubao

and the responses I received were beyond brillant.  My favorite, written by a 13 year old boy:

I'll tell you about love...
I'll tell you about love...



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