my tweet?

Despite what my CV may say, I’m not really that familiar with Twitter, or many of these other “Web 2.0” technologies. Considering I live in Laos and we barely even have an internet connection at the University, it’s surprising I even know what it is.  My director certainly doesn’t.  Yesterday when helping him complete an survey, he asked me to define RSS, Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Second Life, and Social Networking.  However I do try to at least be hip with the lingo, so I know about tweets and podcasts.  So here is my tweet:

Even after one year in Laos I still manage to encounter culinary surprises.  Yesterday I was served embryonic chicken eggs at lunch.

Ok that’s the end of my tweet.  Backing to being overly verbose.  Speaking, the “Electronic Information For Libraries Network” is pretty amazing and I really like the work they are doing.  This includes subsidizing e-resources for libraires in developing countries, such as Laos, and many countries in Africa and Asia. has just negotiated a deal with JSTOR where all the members of LALIC (the 12 libraries mentioned in previous postings…) will get TOTALLY FREE access to all of JSTOR’s holdings, current and archived content, for the next 2 years.  They are also waiving all of the initial membership fees and whatnot, which probably value over $20,000 total. has also negotiated a reduced subscription rate if we want to continue membership after 2011, for ridiculously low access rates.   They coordinate access to many other e-resources and have helped the University Central Library be able to provide AGORA, BioOne, EBSCO, Cambrige University Press, and Oxford Online resources for mostly free !!!  Unfortunately our use of e-resources is still ridiculously low, owing to a number of factors me and my colleagues are exploring in our research project “The Electronic Information Seekhing Behaviour of NUOL Students and Academic Staff”.  I hypothesize that the main issues are language barriers (few people can read and write a foreign language fluently enough to use these academic resources) and a really unreliable and slow internet connection (for example, almost non-existant at the University).  Anyway, I love what is doing! Now if only they would hire me…

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