living in laos?

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a good forum or website for foreigners living in Laos that would help me find a dentist or something.  However my friend Olivier just created this website:

and I thought I would recommend it.  If you know any such sites/online communities/forums, let me know.

Speaking of subject guides for web resources, I’ll be posting one for finding jobs in international organizations and library science since I’ve been looking anyway.  I would also like to post some tips and advice for people moving to Vientiane.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, just e-mail me.

OH YEAH – and if you are living in Laos, I am having a massive huge BASCI SOKDEE GOOD LUCK FAREWELL ceremony/party/Beerlao Addicts Support Group meeting on SUNDAY 14 JUNE 2009.  Koi hak chau, Vientiane.

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