developing information literacy education for developing countries

I think I have discovered how to upload my teaching materials.

Attached you should find the 3 powerpoint presentations I used at Can Tho University.

CTU Information Literacy Workshop 1 – Part 1 of the workshop, introducing basic concepts, overview, and importance of information Literacy.
CTU IL Workshop Part 2 – Part 2 of the workshop, dealing with IL in the electronic environment, searching the internet, etc.

CTU IL Workshop Part 3 – Part 3 of the workshop, an overview of the Big6 skills with some examples for each step.  Normally should be accompanied by handouts I created… that may be posted sometime in the near future.

Please let me know if you find any of these useful.  I stole a lot of images off the internet and didn’t bother to cite them due to time constraints.  Sorry for breaking one of the cardinal rules of librarianship!!!

I am in the process of compiling a subject guide for IL related web-resources, particulary ones I have used to help me develop my trainings.  I am also in the process of developing a new workshop that will train library staff in developing information literacy education (ILE) programmes that I will post online when completed.  We have recieved some funding from The Asia Foundation to support this training and it will be held June 8th – 12th… MY LAST WEEK AT THE CENTRAL LIBRARY!!

I’m feeling a little sad already.


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