can tho (pronounced “can tuh”) and phu quoc island

Well, I am back in Can Tho after leaving Hanoi, flying down here, teaching a workshop, then taking some buses and boats to Phu Quoc Island.  It’s been an exhausting whirl-wind trip, but exciting, and amazing.  I’ve been taking notes in my travels that include comments like “the guy sitting next to me has a giant cock on his lap.  it just pissed on him.  i hate chickens, they’re such nuisances, clucking and crowing at ungodly hours.  i would sooner kill, pluck, and bbq that chicken before i would ever carry it into a bus and let it piss on me.”

and “all the men i see are chain smoking, and the vast majority have some kind of visible motorcycle accident scar.  in 24 hours in hanoi i saw  3 accidents. ”

“Halong Bay… what a pity such a beautiful place has to be turned into such a mindless, kitschy, tourist-mill experiences?  are there any truly awesome places left in the world that haven’t been completely exploited for every last dollar yet?  even the cave was fake!”

“people making out… everywhere!”

“i walked around town this afternoon.  it’s pretty awful here (Rach Gia).  everyone just stared at me.  it felt really uncomfortable.  now i’m in a shitty hotel over looking a noisy street and falling asleep to a chorus of horn-honking.  the opposite of what i wanted out of my holiday.  right now i’m watching some Vietnamese documentary about karen carpenter.  i think this is possibly one of the least visitor-friendly places i have ever been. ”

“well, i’m on the boat.   i still doubt i will actually have my beach holiday, but i’m trying.  they’re playing a really loud DVD that’s like vietnamese La Bouche.  this is so terrible.  the song is called “flames of love”.  last night on MTV i also saw a video for this really horrifically bad song by some german guy called “brother oh brother”.  i didn’t think they made music that bad in the developed world anymore.  oh my god i can’t wait until this boat starts moving.  in vietnam the second you get off the beaten tourist track people stare at you like you’re an alien.  it probably doesn’t help that i can barely speak 4 words of vietnamese and i’m a girl traveling alone. ”

“it’s a miracle!  i’m actually lying in a hammock on the beach!! sipping a beer sai gon! only to remember that i dont really like swimming in the ocean.  again, my preference for not interacting with the ocean. i much prefer observing the ocean to interacting with it.  since i’ll never forget my terrible experience in grand popo.

there’s lots of plastic washed up on the shore.  the poor oceans of the world.  i should really stop eating seafood.  and meat.  it’s sunny, but it’s raining… maybe i’ll see a rainbow.

HOLY SHIT! most beautiful sunset ever over the pacific ocean.. gulf of thailand?

phu quoc sunset
phu quoc sunset


More highlights coming soon.  I have to get up at 5:30am so now it’s bedtime!  This is my last chance to take advantage of the super-fast Wi-Fi in Vietnam so I should download some pirated movies or something now.

Oh and I posted more pictures in the “Vietnam” album.


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