Ok I thought I would post about my musical listening tastes these days.

Young Lao people tend to enjoy a particular style of music I would classify as “Thai Pop”, even though there are a lot of Lao bands making this style music.   The majority of what you hear on the radio is this kind of lo-fi, keyboardy, synthesizery pop music with some kind of slightly grating vocal arrangement.  However, some young people also like American hip-hop (“Flo-rida” is a big hit, as is “Get Low”, and of course “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al); Sean Kingston is huge here (“Beautiful Girls”), and he even had a concert in Vientiane in February sponsored by Tigo.

A part from that, older people tend to like what people have told me is “Country Music”.  It sounds almost exactly the same (to me) as pop music, only slower, and more low-fi, and the vocals more irritatingly high pitched and grating.  There are lots of music videos involving people doing Lao Lamvong in rice paddies, or the other day I saw a funny one involving a guy dancing on th keyboard of a giant laptop in very early 1990’s style graphics.

Traditional Lao music is actually quite nice.  It usually involves a collection of instruments whose names I cannot reproduce right now, but I can describe and show a picture of.


There is also a really popular Lao instrument unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that is a polyphonic flute.  It’s really interesting and has a very nice sound.

Besides these typs of music, I have been listening to a lot of great stuff thanks to my lovely pals Alana and Amanda who came to visit me and brought me music from the outside world!  Among my new favorite hits are Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, Crystal Castles, Animal Collective, Girl Talk, and some other kind of clichéd hipster stuff that isn’t that interesting.  I’ve also really been appreciating Miriam Makeba and Odetta lately, as well as re-discovering my love for Brian Eno and Django.  That’s esentially whats on my playlist these days, however I have also been making some new discoveries thanks to Jenny suggesting I give “All Songs Considered” a listen.  Hence I have discovered Laura Gibson, The Antlers, and some actually good music by Buck 65.

Anyway, back to desperately searching for a job when I get bck to the USA.


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