Strange weather in Lao… signs of global climate change?

So, it’s March in Lao, which should be the middle of the dry season. But it’s raining right now. And I didn’t bring my umbrella to the library!

Even my Lao colleagues are all puzzled by this strange weather, and everybody is sick.  Nearly all the library staff have some kind of cold, and I have been slowly recovering from a really terrible sinus infection that gave me a 39 C fever last week.  I took advantage of an excuse to relax a bit and spent a few days at home in bed watching pirated DVD’s, among which I have to say “Twilight” is my favorite.  Normally I’m not a fan of teenage sci-fi romance novels, but I read this article in the New Yorker which inspired me to see the movie, especially after I learned the author of the series is a Mormon… for some reason I’m obsessed with unusual religious groups.  Or just religious groups in general?  maybe because I had such a secular upbringing, with a few dashes of fanatisism (uhh.. Jehovah’s Witnesses?  Sukyo Mahikari or however you spell it?  My mom was involved with both these groups.)

Anyway, strange weather aside, things are lovely here in Laos.  On my way home from work yesterday I stopped to get some food, and the Korean man at the restaurant turned the TV to BBC news for me.  Watching the advertisements for the various programmes they would be showing later in the evening almost made me wish for a TV… but then I thought better.  Anyway, on the BBC they were discussing how some British scientists estimate that within the next 10 years we will reach a global critical mass of population versus food and energy resources… meaning total chaos or the end of the world as we know it?  This worry, combined with the fact that I am going back to the USA in a few months to a lack of any type of job or income and a potential long-term reisdence in my mother’s house has given way to insomnia, and a general feeling of dread and anxiety about the future.  But everything will be ok, because i know Universe is watching out for me.

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