Peace Corps Benin Volunteer Murdered?

Whoa… I just read this:

“Today the Peace Corps identified the victim of this week’s tragedy in west Africa as 24-year-old Catherine “Kate” Puzey of Cumming, Ga.

Puzey was found dead outside her home Thursday in a small village in the western African nation of Benin. There is still official no word on the circumstances of her death, though officials say it appears she had been murdered.

Puzey had been a Peace Corps volunteer in Benin since July 17, 2007, almost two years ago. She was an English teacher in the small village of Badjoude, about six hours north of Benin’s capital by car. A memorial for her will be held in the capital city of Conotou on Monday.

“Kate was an exemplary member of the Peace Corps family whose dedicated work as a secondary English teacher in a rural public school in Badjoude, Benin, contributed greatly to the lives of the Beninese citizens. Kate’s life and work spoke volumes about the kind of dedication she had to her service as a Volunteer, and the U.S. Peace Corps is greatly saddened by her loss. Our condolences go out to her family and loved ones at this time,” Peace Corps Acting Director Jody K. Olsen said in a statement.”

It’s really shocking and disturbing.  How terrible.  It’s so hard to imagine something like that happening in Benin.  It’s such a peaceful and welcoming country.  What happened !??!  This is such sad news.  Having lived in Athiémé for over 2 years it’s almost unbeleivable to me that something like this could happen in Benin.  I’m anxiously expecting more details.


2 thoughts on “Peace Corps Benin Volunteer Murdered?

  1. I am shocked and saddened to hear this news. I cannot imagine a more lovely girl than Kate. I was her 2nd grade teacher in Augsburg, Germany. Even at that young age, she stood out as someone special who would touch many people in her life. Such a tragic loss . . .

    • I was in her second grade class …she was one of my only friends ..i found some old videos of us at my birthday party ..its crazy she was so bright and sweet to everyone …i think ms wilson was our teacher at augsburg elementary..

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