international superstar librarian… or total failure?


AHHH!!  I’m so nervous about this.  Look at the other presenters!  And why is my name first !???!

I am having a crisis of self-confidence.  Luckily presentations are limited to 25 minutes and papers to 4000 words.  Am I in way over my head here?  It seems like everyone else is actually doing important research.  I’m just writing about my observations and experiences.  I need to go get some Xanax.  Anyway, my paper is almost finished, but I am terrified that it sucks.  I hadn’t really looked at it since I sent in the abstract in November, and when I first tried to start working on it again, I was instantly horrified.  I have no idea what I am talking about.

Anyway, I still have time to save myself, and my career.  Also the director has informed me that he has to approve the paper before I submit it to CONSAL… so I can’t say anything too critical of Laos, the Lao government, the Univeristy, the library, or him!

I am going to go to the temple (Wat Si Muang) today to ask for a blessing for good luck for my presentation.  I hope Buddha helps me out on this one!

I don’t know if I can handle this stressful academic lifestyle.  Why didn’t I just become a hairdresser like my mother?

Oh but I did have a really successful workshop yesterday training the staff of the library on using the internet for scholarly research… I’ll attach a PDF version of my presentation.

Ok, I can’t get the .pdf to attach, I don’t know why.  I’ll try again later.


3 thoughts on “international superstar librarian… or total failure?

  1. Hi love,

    I’m having a very good time reading you as usual, and am very happy to see things are working your way down there in beautiful Laos.

    I’m glad to know you’re heading to a phd in Wellington, sounds like a great thing to do! Who knows, I might visit you there?

    As for me, i’m well into carreer development thinking as well. I’m almost at the end of my uni year so decisions have to be made. Some exciting travel plans are on the way, dunno exactly where yet but i’ll let u know…:)

    Next step, Prague for 2 months! I’m gonna be teaching there until June. Excited!

    Take care, and dont worry for the conference, you know all there is to know about literacy in Laos, youve been into it for the last few months so theres no reason you goof up on that subject. Be confident and enjoy this challenge!



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