exciting times… stressful times!

Well. A lot of exciting things have been happening in my life.  My friends from Chicago left (long story, ends kind of badly…) and another pal, Alana, from Montreal, arrived.  I fell in love.  I am now falling out of love, but all love affairs are doomed anyway, aren’t they?

But on an even more exciting note – I have decided to apply for the PhD program in Information Management at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.  I have discussed this with my potential supervisor, and he has agreed that it is a great idea.  I may even be able to get a full scholarship!

I will be researching Information Literacy in Developing Countries… of course that topic will have to be narrowed down, but this is the area I want to focus on.

I have also been invited to present my paper “Developing strategies to encourage information literacy and implement dynamic library services: Suggestions for Lao PDR” at the Congress of South East Asian Librarians in Hanoi from April 20th – 23rd.  Immediately following that conference, I have been invited to teach a 3-day workshop at Vietnam University in Can Tho (Southern Vietnam) on Information Literacy for LIS students.   The only problem is that I didn’t get the invitation until today – and the deadline to submit my paper is February 16th… and I haven’t actually written the paper yet! I also have to prepare the syllabus and course outline for the workshop in Can Tho, as well as preparation for my regular teaching gigs here in Vientiane, and a UCL staff training tomorrow and Friday!!!

So, these are busy, exciting, somewhat stressful times, but it’s all exciting and amazing.

Also, I just got back from another trip to Vang Vieng, where yes, I was “in the tubing” again!  and lost my sunglasses, again!  I took a bunch of great pictures, and ate SNAKE!  These photos will all be posted shortly, just as soon as things calm down a little.


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